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Looking for a filter for all types of diesel engines for ships, boats, machinery, equipment and large vehicles?

Contact us for the original manufacturers filter or a high quality equivalent.  We stock many types and can have others quickly delivered to your door.

Advances in oil-filtration technology now means that with the use of a bypass oil filter system costs can be significantly reduced.

Engine wear is increased when standard oil filters reach the end of their useful life and solid particles and other contaminants such as soot, water and fuel cause damage.

With a constant bypass filtration system oil stays cleaner for longer without affecting the oil pressure of the engine.  Working with the existing filter the system increases filtration capability extending the useable life of the oil, and reducing the need for costly oil changes, and impact on the environment.

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With so many types of filters available why not take advantage of our many years of experience and let us find the right filter for you?

Filter Packs
Filter packs for most engines can be supplied from stock, ready for use when you need them. If you have a regular need for filters we don’t stock we will stock them for you.
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